KoH LANTA the island

Koh Lanta lies on the west coast of the Andaman Sea in between Krabi and Phi Phi Islands. An island that is 6 km wide and over 30 km long, with beaches that lie from north to south along the sunset coast. Stunning scenery, fantastic white sandy beaches, coastlines that have more than 70 small islands and most with rain forest, coral reefs and a diverse under water life.

Originally known in Malay as Pulau Satak (meaning the long island) it actually has over 50 islands in its archipelago.

In 1917 Koh Lanta was given it’s name by the King of Thailand.

As the mountains in the northern and southern tip are covered with virgin rainforest Koh Lanta plays host to a wide variety of plant and animal life. In 1990 the south of the island along with 15 surrounding islands were protected and declared as the “Mu Koh Lanta National Park”.


Koh lanta has 10 stunning white sandy beaches on the west side of the island with crystal clear water. Some beaches are completely undeveloped and others have a variety of restaurants and bars to watch the famous evening sunsets.

The nearest beaches to the villas are Klong Dao and Pra Ae (Long beach) which are both 3-4 minutes drive or a 15 minute walk.


The nearest shops are 3-4 minutes drive away or a 15 minute walk where you will find many convenience stores and shops selling local produce, clothes and gifts.


Saladan is the main town on the island where you can find many restaurants, shops and large open air markets selling clothes, jewellery, bags and souvenirs. Saladan is an 8-10 minute drive from the villas.


Koh Lanta has a large selection of excellent restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine to suit your taste. The nearest restaurants are a 3-4 minute drive or a 15 minute walk.


Krabi is the nearest international airport to the villas. Koh Lanta is also easily accessible from Phuket & Trang and surrounding islands. Transfers are available either by Private Luxury Minibus, Speedboat, Ferries and public transport.